Barbara Nakazawa Flute Studio


    "Barbara has been a wonderful teacher and mentor to our daughter, Francesca. Francesca was always excited to get to her flute lesson.  A patient and calm teacher, Barbara takes a tremendous interest in her students and connects with them on many levels. Barbara kept Francesca musically challenged, enthusiastically encouraging her to join group classes, competitions and other musical activities in which she might excel and enjoy.  Barbara was a wonderful resource and Francesca benefited greatly from Barbara's experience and compassion.  Now in college, Francesca still maintains her relationship with Barbara.  We feel very fortunate that Barbara was involved in the formative years of our daughter." - Martha and Mark Volpe, Managing Director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra

    "Barbara Nakazawa has been my daughter’s flute teacher for the past five years. It has been an association of rich rewards in terms of learning the fundamentals of music and technique of flute playing. Ms. Nakazawa has the talent, knowledge, dedication and personality to work with young people, showing them how to strive for a high standard of musicianship, plus the joy and patience it takes to refine one’s skills in ever increasing complexity. I feel that she is unusually creative and sensitive in her approach to teaching, always supportive and encouraging, backed by an attitude of genuine friendship."- Sylvia Reid Clancy

    "Barbara has inspired and motivated my son as I imagine few teachers could. She is a pleasant, yet thoroughly disciplined person and these qualities were amply displayed in her teaching. It is clearly apparent that she is fully devoted to her art."- Leo Rauch

    "I have seen my daughter’s skills and confidence continue to grow as she has studied with Barbara; she has been motivated to a high level of achievement yet has retained the sense of enjoyment that first drew her to music. I have been particularly impressed with Barbara’s warm personal interest in the young people she teaches."- Jane B. Phipps

    "Barbara is skillful at motivating students to practice and do well. In her lessons she pays attention to all of the aspects of their playing, so that they become very competent and proud of their skill. She is also cognizant of their feelings."- Maureen Jonaed

    "Barbara’s method of teaching rhythm is very effective. She is very patient in her teaching. I have attended my daughter’s lessons and have been pleased with Barbara’s approach. She makes it known that she has high expectations but also makes the lesson enjoyable. In the fall of this year Barbara encouraged my daughter to audition for the Brookline All-Town Honor Band, which she passed. This was wonderful for my daughter’s self confidence and something she has enjoyed."- Jenny Beshkin

    "I played the flute as a teenager and then picked it up again as an adult many years later. Barbara has gotten me to play better than I’d ever imagined I could. She’s one of those rare teachers who shows you exactly what to do and how to do it in order to get the sound you want. She’s very supportive and knows everything."-Eleanor Elkin 

    "Ms. Nakazawa is an outstanding instructor in every way.  She shows unusual interest in the developing musicianship of each student.  She is patient yet exacting, exhibiting the greatest care for her pupils.  She has taught ensembles as well as private lessons and elicits much enthusiasm on the part of her class.  She has a large following of students and is one of the most popular flute instructors in the Boston area."- Margot Emery; former director of Brookline Music School
    "We never dreamed that our daughter would have progressed so far in the flute so quickly. Barbara has an intuitive understanding of children and combines a nurturing approach with high expectations.  She individualizes her teaching and absolutely brings out the best in each child."- Rachel Skvirsky

    "We started our son Jacques out with Barbara about three years ago at age 8.  I played flute as a teenager and was somewhat concerned that he'd be too young to get anything out of it.  Well, here we are three years later and he just got home from music camp, got to play at Tanglewood last summer, and is finding a true passion in music.  I wish I could say it was my wonderful motherly influence but it was all Barbara.  She totally gets kids; reads their needs and hesitations and works with them on their terms to nurture versus lecture.  Not to say that she isn't firm when needed but her style is amazing.  Barbara truly brings out the best in her students and not just on the flute.  Through her teaching, Jacques has gained such as sense of self confidence to push himself to levels he might otherwise dismiss.  She is a true gift to our lives and I would recommend her to anyone eager to learn, and to appreciate the wonders of musicianship."- Susan Klapisch

    "Reflecting on what a truly wonderful music teacher you are to these kids.  You push them, you get them actually actually interested and loving music and exposed them to the right stuff at the right times.  There's a special place in music heaven for teachers like you, probably surrounded by hundreds of smiling students and special sparkly wings for all of the pleasure you're brought to them through music and anyone who's been able to listen in along the way." - Lisa M.

    "I haven't had a chance to thank you properly for all you've done to help get Avery to where she is right now - and probably never will, because what you've meant to her goes beyond words.  But please know that a little part of you will be heading off to college with her in the fall." - Suzanne Berne